Are You Moving to Texas?

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If you are among the thousands of people moving to Texas from California, Illinois, or New York (these are the top 3 states people are leaving in droves) or any other state or country, let me be the first to welcome you to our great state. According to a recent article that I just read, Texas added more residents than any other state in the union last year. New estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau show Texas added 367,215 from July of 2018 through July of 2019. Texas has grown by 3,849,790 since our last census in 2010, we’ve basically added as many people who live in the entire state of Oklahoma (An estimated population of just over 4 million).

All of this growth was happening naturally on its own, but once you mix in a global pandemic and nationwide civil unrest it seems to have hit a whole new gear. I’ve been talking to realtors in Houston, Austin, and DFW and they are all reporting that the vast majority of their new buyers are from out of state. Some real estate experts believe that Texas may finally see the kind of appreciation in home values that California, Washington, and New York had been experiencing prior to the pandemic.

I moved here from Oklahoma 31 years ago for a job opportunity and I’ve never once considered moving back. I was lucky enough to marry a native Texan (Houstonian) so I now consider myself a Texan. It’s hard to explain in a few words why being a Texan is so intoxicating but the one word that keeps bubbling to the surface is “freedom”. It took me a while to understand it but Texas has such rich history of independence going all of the ways back to the Alamo. If you ask any of the old-timers, they are quick to remind me that Texas is a republic and could easily become its own country again.

Texas has always been known as the oil capital of the world, but we are so much more than that. The Texas Medical Center located in Houston is the largest medical center in the world with some of the brightest minds in Medicine. Austin is quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of the south. Starting with Dell and H.P years ago and we’ve recently added Oracle, Tesla, Apple, and Google. We also have American Airlines, Whole Foods, and NEC. Why are so many companies headquartered in Texas? Texas has no corporate taxes, low commercial rent and plenty of available lands to build and grow. We also are one of the few states that have no state income tax, so if you’re moving here from CA where the state income tax is 13% and the median home price is $579,332 you may feel like you’ve won the lottery.

My name is Michael Ogg and I’m the co-owner of Rock Mortgage ( located in Houston Texas, we are a Texas Mortgage Bank/Broker. I have over 30 years of experience in consumer lending. We have great first-time buyer programs, Conventional, Jumbo, and most of the government programs including VA and FHA. My partner Eduardo Adame and our great staff have built this company into something that we are all very proud of. I know everyone says it but we really do put our customers’ needs before our own. We typically don’t charge discount or origination points, so our margins are pretty thin. We have a great following in Texas with 100’s of great reviews. If you’re moving to Texas, we’d love to earn your business, but even if we don’t please allow us to congratulate & welcome you. We hope y’all stay forever!!

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Are You Moving to Texas? | Rock Mortgage — Houston, Texas

Jamie Ayala

Jamie Ayala

Jamie Ayala has been working as a Loan Processor at Rock Mortgage for more than 4 years. As a knowledgeable account executive he has had many years of customer service experience in the loan, information technology, and political industries. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for working with cross-functional teams, as well as for meeting deadlines and validating loan documents, Jamie has a verifyable history of consistently exceeded sales and performance goals. His professional focal points include loan processing, client negotiations, team collaboration, and project management.