How to Negotiate Your Mortgage Rates and Closing Costs

Jamie Ayala

Jamie Ayala

Jamie Ayala has been working as a Loan Processor at Rock Mortgage for more than 4 years. As a knowledgeable account executive he has had many years of customer service experience in the loan, information technology, and political industries. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for working with cross-functional teams, as well as for meeting deadlines and validating loan documents, Jamie has a verifyable history of consistently exceeded sales and performance goals. His professional focal points include loan processing, client negotiations, team collaboration, and project management.

When you are purchasing or refinancing a home it is important to shop your mortgage rates among multiple companies to find the best deal. The mortgage industry is a highly competitive industry with each company trying to offer their best deal to earn your business over the others. If you play your cards right you could use this to your advantage to negotiate a lower interest rate or reduced closing costs.

Mortgage Rates Negotiation Steps

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Step 1. Mention to your Loan Officer that you are shopping around for mortgages, let them know that you are trying to find the best possible deal.

Step 2. Talk to more than 1 company. If you receive a superior offer from one and think the other can produce more favorable terms provide them with a copy of a Loan Estimate to see if he or she can beat it. Often, they can!

Step 3.  Enjoy your savings for having negotiated your way into a better deal!

What We Know

Follow these simple steps to position yourself with a lower long term interest rate giving you prolonged savings and instant out of pocket protection!

Expert Tip

Mortgage Rates

For best results shop your mortgage rates with your local Mortgage Brokers and not big banks. Big banks have set closing costs and firm interest rates eliminating your ability to negotiate a better deal. Mortgage Brokers have access to wholesale interest rates that big banks can’t keep up with!


Reach out to your local Mortgage Broker to see what they can do for you.



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